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Cavity Wall Insulation Technical Data Sheet

Bonded Bead is an expanded polystyrene bead made under strict quality

control procedures to satisfy the increasing demand for lightweight, waterproof,

solid and trouble free insulation material.



ENVIROBEAD is one of the leading cavity wall insulation beads on offer. Envirobead has a constant density that produces a natural matrix between the beads which in turn creates a drainage passage. Envirobead resists the effect of gravity and does not settle ensuring that these qualities are maintained. Envirobead uses a durable adhesive to bind the beads together and maintains a ventilated cavity. The thermal conductivity of Envirobead is 0.033w/m k.

Envirobead use a two stage expansion process and the beads are cured overnight. Quality assessments are constantly being carried out to ensure the high quality of the bead is always maintained.


Our beads are made from closed cellular plastic with constant density that does not absorb moisture and resists mildew. Envirobead products maintain shape, size, structure and physical appearance upon installation and there is no settling of the product.



NSAI Agrément detailed technical data : Please click here.




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