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Cavity Wall Insulation

C&S Construction Services provide and install the highest quality Cavity Wall type insulation such as Envirobead Plus Bonded Bead type. This has a thermal conductivity Value of 0.031 W/mK and meets all U-value requirements by building regulations 2007. U-value of 0.27 can be achieved.


 The Average household in Ireland uses 25,99kWh of fuel and electricty each year, costing in the region of €1800 per annum. As the cost of energy goes up so will the running costs of each home. Insulating a home can save between 45%-55% of heating and cooling energy.


The Benifits of Envirobead Plus

Envirobead use a two stage expansion process and the beads are cured overnight. Quality Assessment are constantly being carried out to ensure the high quality of the bead is maintained.

Our beads are made from closed cellular plastic with constant density that does not absorb moisture and resist mildew. Envirobead products maintain shape, size, structure and physical appearance upon installation and there is no settling of the product.



Thermal Benifits

1. Constant LAMBDA value.

2. Combines - low thermal conductivity with low weight and high strength.

3. Does not settle over time.

4. Does not deteriorate with age.




1. Does water get across the cavity?


No. As polystyrene is an oil based product it will not allow moisture penetration. The moisture merely rolls down the outside of the insulation and travels to the outside at the base of the cavity. Capillary action cannot take place as the beads have tiny air gaps between them.



2. How do we know that wall area is full?


The drilling pattern is a tried and tested technique and is set by the IAB. The bead is blown in at approximately seven bar of pressure so it will travel quite well in the cavity with ease. As the air is displaced in the cavity it escapes through the block and drilled hole. When the wall is full no more bead will flow indicating the wall is full.


3. Can the cavity still breathe?


Yes. As the beads are round in shape (approximately 2-3mm in diameter) they touch each other at one point only. This leaves tiny air gaps between the beads giving the wall enough air to breathe.




Why not call our BER engineer to give you a free quote to carry out a Before and After energy rating on your home or business. Contact Gary 0871367622







C&S Construction Services provide a vast array of Energy Efficient Services in the Construction Industry such as:

  • Oil & Gas High Efficiency Condensing Boilers plus Heating Controls
  • Attic Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Dry-Lining Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Solar Panels
  • BER Assessments(Energy Audits)
  • Electrical Wiring (New Installations & Existing Dwelling Rewires
  • A- Rated Windows and Doors
  • Bathroom & Disability Suite Fitouts
  • Gas & Oil Boiler Servicing
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing Services (Sanitary Ware, Additional Taps, Waste etc)
  • Renewables (Heat Pumps etc)
  • Water Conservation